I love working with Ability Rehab. The whole organization comes from a place of heartfelt integrity and supreme professionalism. Ability Rehab is outcome driven with their sole mission to restore patients to their highest functional level. The Ability Therapists have a sharp attention to detail to adjust therapy plans based on patient needs and response to encourage their patients. The COVID Pandemic has been a challenge for all healthcare organizations but Ability Rehab rose to the challenge and successfully provided therapy services in creative ways. Partnering with Ability Rehab has helped us navigate through PDPM as they are extremely knowledgeable which has had a positive impact on our operations. We are honored to partner with Ability Rehab. The compassion and commitment to patients that both the therapists and the Ability Executive Team exemplifies is exceptional.

- Jennifer Bebinger, MPA, LNHA

VP of Operations, Butterfield Healthcare


Once again you and your therapy team were fantastic in working with me during my rehabilitation. I am going home feeling much more confident in my ability to function safely at home. Best regards to all of your future endeavors and your continued learnings. You are a caring and compassionate healer and comes through in all you do.

- Viena Obien

Recovering Patient, Meadowbrook Manor Bolingbrook

Ability Rehab has been a wonderful partner this past year in meeting the needs of our residents and patients. They are comprised of extremely dedicated, knowledgeable, and talented therapists who do utmost to see that all achieve their maximum potential in the shortest and safest time possible. This year, in dealing with the COVID-19 virus, this therapy team has risen to the challenge of providing therapy in new and creative ways as they deal with circumstances that require them to work with patients at the bedside as well as in the therapy gym.

Ability Rehab staff work diligently to see patients maintain function and, where possible, to gain a better quality of life. We are proud of their constant effort to bring residents and patients to a better place with outstanding empathy, patience, and compassion.

- William McNiff

Executive Director, Lee Manor

Celebrating Success With James

“I am going to walk on out of here all by myself now,” James said very proudly after this momentous picture with his Physical and Occupational Therapists.

James made considerable gains during his stay at Lee Manor. Recovering from a recent stay at Alexian Brothers Hospital, he explained that when he arrived at Lee Manor he felt confident in his care plan and was “ready to start working on getting better.” With the help of the nursing staff, physicians and therapists, James stated he was “pleased with his progress, plans to continue his exercises provided by his therapists, stay motivated, and continue to stay connected with people. I would recommend everyone I know who needs therapy to come here.”

On behalf of our Lee Manor staff, we are very excited for James and his continued road to recovery at home with Home Health and wish him a healthy year ahead!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” ~ Lao Tzu

Celebrating Success With Stella

Stella’s smile is what sparked my interest to stop and speak with her. A simple hello turned into an unforgettable story. She had suffered a fall that resulted in a spinal and ankle fracture. After a back procedure performed at Luthern General Hospital in Park Ridge, Stella came to Lee Manor Des Plaines.

Initially, Stella was unable to fully stand after being discharged at an independent level with her walker. With the help of her Physical Therapist, Yvonne Cosmiano, Stella emphasized she “achieved more here in the shortest amount of time than I ever did.” Despite current circumstances we are facing with Covid-19, Stella stated she always felt safe rehabilitating at Lee Manor.

Stella is eager to return to her condominium where she is the President of the building and has friends anxiously awaiting her arrival. Stella will miss the “people here because it’s the people that make this place – from the kitchen, housekeeping, therapy, nursing and activities. It’s like they become your family.Congratulations Stella! We wish you a safe and speedy recovery. Your friends at Lee Manor are delighted for you!

No matter what is happening out there, there are people like Stella recovering everyday impacting our lives as healthcare workers forever.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” ~ Lao Tzu

“The therapy provider that listens and adapts."

Our current partners can attest to this!